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From the Roots began as a single concept: bringing together like-minded artists in order to create the most genuine product possible. In an age where creating is so easily accessible, the ability to make something centered around human connection was at the forefront of our artistic goals. In July 2018, we came together from all parts of the country for a whirlwind of a week, determined to discover our musical identity and create art that reflected that. Our time together was fruitful: producing our first, full-length show; recording our debut album; filming music videos; and more. Going forward, our goal is to create the best music that we possibly can—be that strictly a cappella or with the use of instruments and technology. When you hear our music, we want you to feel warm, safe, and connected. It's often the most simple things that make us feel most whole, and we hope that our music can help you feel just a little more rooted in your humanity

My Instructors Sessions

Friday, February 8

7:30pm AKST

Saturday, February 9

12:40pm AKST

Sunday, February 10

10:00am AKST

11:00am AKST