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Florida State University alumnus, Michael Arellano, was the music director for All-Night Yahtzee for three years even though he had no formal background in singing, so we’re still not sure why they let him into the group. In 2015, Michael was a key feature on PopTV’s docuseries “Sing it on,” and could easily be described as “irritating,” “annoying,” or “funny to mean-spirited people.” He somehow led the group to ICCA Finals in 2016 where they had an absolute blast, but his memory of forgetting most of the choreo on stage still keeps him up at night. After graduating in 2016, Michael moved to Los Angeles and learned quickly how to live off of ramen, bagels and peanut butter (since most of his money from his three jobs was going to rent). Shortly after, Michael was fortunate enough to begin a career at Scale management and has since become a talent coordinator on their team – working with clients such as Aidan Alexander, Summer Mckeen, Nabela Noor and many others.

My Instructors Sessions

Saturday, February 9

12:40pm AKST

2:30pm AKST